Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favorites at Gerry's Grill

Gerry's Grill's Kinilaw na Tanigue

There are two things we never fail to order when we find ourselves in Gerry's Grill. One is the Kinilaw na Tanigue. And the other, Chili Cheese Stick with Garlic Mayo Dip.

Gerry's Grill's Chili Cheese Stick with Garlic Mayo Dip

The Chili Cheese Stick is basically your ordinary Cheese Stick, that is cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried, made extraordinary by sneaking in a green chili (yes, the sinigang kind), sans the seeds, in the fold.

My first crack at this notorious pica-pica is at my friend Leen's birthday party in Anahaw Island View Resort, a resort her family owns. She said she came up with this concoction back in cooking school, deriving inspiration from variations of the humble Cheese Stick recipe. People have added slivers of red bell peppers in cheese sticks, she had said, why not siling pangsigang? "Ah, because it's wicked hot?" I thought to myself, before dunking her experimental cheese stick in the wasabi mayo it was served with.

For those who have not yet dared, yes, it is indeed spicy hot. It was hot the first time I had it and it is still hot now. But it's bearable, it's addictive, and once your tastebuds have been numbed by pain, you'll be popping it like no chili is ever there. Back then, my friend did not have a name for it yet, and she made us taste it hoping that maybe we could suggest a few. We were not much of a help but we did enjoy the darn things. Eventually, she would name it "Sili Rolls", and the rest, as they say, was history.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KFC vs. Jollibee in Malabon City?

I was in Malabon City Hall about a week ago, before the storm. The people of Malabon knows a thing or two about floods, its geographical location putting it at the mercy of the tides. So much so that they are always on the forefront of the news whenever typhoons and storms hit the Metro. But Malabon is not only about floods. It's a very energetic city with its center always bustling with activity.

The major fast food franchises do not have a very strong presence Malabon and for a long time, Jollibee reigned king. But this city is certainly not lacking in the food department as there are a lot of restaurants, hole in the wall canteens, and food specialty stores there that offer uniquely delicious home cooking. And I am not just talking about the Pancit Malabon. It's been quite a while since I visited but not much has changed except for KFC opening up a branch there recently. I just feel bad about not being there for the grand opening. I could have witnessed this live:

KFC is a welcome addition to the community. I'm sure Jollibee doesn't mind the competition.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Donate to the Red Cross via SMS

Last September 26, 2009, the Philippines was hit by a tropical storm that brought catastrophic floods to our cities.

We are still picking up the pieces.

With the devastation wrought by tropical storm Ondoy, the Red Cross could really use additional funds. Please donate. You can even do it via SMS.

Donations can be in the following denominations: Php10, Php25, Php50 and Php100.

For more details, please visit

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chocolate + French Toast = Good + Morning

I recently discovered Thick French Toast from The French Baker. It's a loaf of 5 thick slices of bread specially made for making uber special French Toast. Now, who says you can only have the best French Toasts in an expensive restaurant? At Php62, you can have superb quality French Toast any time at home. Try my recipe for eye-openingly good Chocolate French Toast.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wine and Cheese Night: Australia!

It's Aussie wine and cheese night last September 11. For the wine, we had Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Australian Shiraz.


For cheese, we had Brie and Camembert both by Australian Gold. Both soft cheeses, they are divine on crusty French bread. If I were to choose though, Brie would be my favorite.


Throw in some liver pate, baguettes, and some slices of garlic bread and you're set for the night. Nevermind if it's spent in front of the telly.

If having a few friends together is more to your liking, throw a wine and cheese party. We had one a couple of months back, each one of us contributing one or two kinds of cheese and a compatible wine. We preferred a bit of meat in wine and cheese buffet though so we added some cold cuts to the fray. All night, talk was rife over what kind of cheese or cold cut or wine they were having and which cheese was best and which cold cuts got finished first. Definitely not your usual conversation. Overall, it was a uniquely enjoyable gathering.

Here are some of the websites I found helpful when we were planning our wine and cheese party:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Galore from the Christ the King Weekend Market

Speaking of the Christ the King Weekend Market, it is a whole lot more than just a venue for bakers bazaars. A Saturday and Sunday affair, it's a weekend market where you can find a boatload of food, clothing,all sorts of knicknacks, and more food! This is what we had for lunch when we were there:

Grilled Squid

Lechon Cebu

Mixed Sushi


Visit the Christ the King Weekend Market at Green Meadows Avenue, Quezon City. Expect a multitude of eating possibilities.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oven Lovin' Bakers' Bazaar: A Photo Album

The Oven Lovin Baker's Bazaar took place last August 29-30, 2009 at the Christ the King Weekend Market in Green Meadows Avenue, Quezon City. It's where I got the goodies mentioned in an earlier post. Most of these bazaars take place during the "ber" months, to take advantage of the holiday mad rush for gifts and festive sweets. But I wish more of these baker's bazaars get organized all year round. Aside from the fact that I can always find wonderful baked goods here that I can't find anywhere else, it is a great venue for home bakers to share their masterpieces to the public.

AK Sugar Rush

Mita's Bakeshop

Roli's Bakeshop

The Bandana Baker

Jenny Specialty Cakes & Pastries


Friday, September 11, 2009

Oven Lovin' Baker's Bazaar Goodies: A Photo Album

I made quite a haul from the Oven Lovin' Baker's Bazaar at the Christ the King Weekend Market in Green Meadows Avenue, Quezon City last August 30, 2009. Here are some of my favorites:

Chocolate Cupcake Bites by AK Sugar Rush

Napoleones by Roli's Bakeshop

Cheese Roll by Mita's Bakeshop

Yema Balls by Tartsmania

Chocolate Flakes by Jenny Specialty Cakes & Pastries

I enjoy going to bakers' fairs. It's a wonderful place to discover phenomenal baked goodies you normally don't find anywhere else.

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