Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuk-Bulgogi at Kogi Bulgogi

At Eastwood Mall, my friend Mossy prevailed on us to have dinner at Kogi Bulgogi. She has eaten there before and, obviously enamored by the food, wanted to go back for more. Isn't that always the case with popular dining places? You start with a nice restuarant, plus good food, plus reasonable prices, and viola! All of a sudden, it's harder and harder to get a seat. Some establishments build up a reputation slowly. Once in a while you come across an instant hit. In either case, it always starts out with a very satisfied customer.

Chicken Kalbi (spicy)
Grilled seasoned spicy chicken thigh
Comes with 1 free serving of lettuce

US Prime marinated beef with mushrooms

In my book, for Kogi, that satisfied customer is Mossy. She said she really liked the Kalbi Jjim (Beef stew with short ribs flavored with radish and garlic) there. Which was a selling point for me, Kalbi Jjim being one of my favorite Korean dishes- something about the slow-cooked tender beef and sweet and saltiness of the soup sings to me. I don't waste a drop of the soup. I actually slurp it up like Nilaga. Of course it's not as mild in flavor as Nilaga is so you can imagine the flavor overload. That's where kimchi comes in. Piquant and fresh, kimchi complements Kalbi Jjim superbly. At Kogi, as is customary among most Korean restaurants, every order comes with a couple of free side dishes, kimchi being one of them. Besides the Kalbi Jjim (Php228), Mossy ordered Chicken Kalbi and Bulgogi, which were shared with Mike and Gavin.

Tuk-Bulgogi (Bulgogi Pot)

Mossy having ordered Kalbi Jjim, I scoured the Kogi menu for something new and interesting. That and I felt like being a bit more adventurous. I ordered Tuk-Bulgogi (Bulgogi Pot). It's "well marbled premium imported beef, golden mushrooms, tofu, vegetables, and glass noodles on light sauce. Cooked and simmered on your table." When my order arrived, it looked exactly like the picture on the menu (Don't you just hate it when what you order does not look anything or as appetizing as it looked on the menu?). The beef was really something. Marbled it was. Cooked, it was impossibly tender and I appreciated the fact that I got to enjoy it freshly cooked. 

After that meal, Kogi got another satisfied customer. Not that it was needed. It was hard enough to get a seat that time.

Haemul Tang
Spicy stew of mixed seafood

Kogi Bulgogi is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda of Eastwood Mall (E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila). Contact them at (02) 470-6884 to 85.

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