Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in my kitchen

The night before Christmas, I whipped up four dozens of chocolate chip cookies. I brought most of it to a Christmas Party on the 25th.

Upon Robin's request, I overloaded these cookies with chocolate chips. Instead of the usual 2 cups of chocolate chips as the recipe called for, I used 3 cups. While I retained the amount of sugar as stated in the recipe, you might want to lessen the amount of sugar in yours if you don't want your cookies to get too sweet. Yummy either way...

Shopping for ingredients for my cookies, I chanced upon Andes mint chocolate chunks. I am not particularly fond of mint chocolate but I know a couple of people who absolutely loves these minty treats so I got a bag just to try them out. Besides mint chocolate seems to be a popular Christmas flavor.

To avoid making the dough taste too much like toothpaste, I just drizzled and patted on a bit of the mint chocolate chunks on top of every choco chip cookie dough ball instead of stirring them into the dough. They came out very pretty and actually pretty refreshing to the palate. A perfect ending to a rich holiday meal.
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