Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grand Open House of Moderne Culinaire Academy

Last March 17, 2012, Moderne Culinaire Academy (MCA) held their Grand Open House. I along with other invited guests were treated to a full day. I love going to these events, as it gives me new and interesting things to do and learn.

At the MCA Open House, the attendees were treated to a cooking demo and fruit and vegetable carving demo. The food carvings were really quite impressive, even more impressive was how Chef Billy Anislag created them.

Kaffir Lime Kitchen
Of course, we were given the opportunity to tour the campus and to meet the chefs. Chef Dino Guingona was our friendly and engaging tour guide for that afternoon and he showed us every room and kitchen of the MCA. The rooms were named after herbs and spices like the Saffron Room and the Kaffir Lime Kitchen, which I find quite charming. At the penthouse is a function room that gives diners a great view of the flight path to the airport. Chef Dino also introduced us to the talented teaching chefs of MCA.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Chef Kevin Mize there, whose wonderful cheesecakes became my favorite dessert in Soderno @ Molito last December (Chef Kevin has since moved to Mercato Centrale). He shared with us very useful tips on making the perfect cheesecake during his cooking demo. And we got to try his cheesecake creations right after.

Chicken Eggplant Roulade with Napolitana Sauce
Dulong on Sticky Rice 
Seasalt Truffles

Banoffee Tartlets
Lastly, we were treated to the good food that Chef Dino Guingona and Chef Aileen Digman-Palomares prepared specially for the day. We could not get enough of the Dulong on Sticky Rice. To be honest, I thought it would taste rather ordinary given that the ingredients are fairly common, pedestrian even. But the combination yielded something so addictively good. It only goes to show that ordinary ingredients when placed in the hands of a good chef, can turn into something quite amazing.

MCA Contact information:

Landline: (02)622-9656; (02)843-8071
Cell Phone: (0917)700-COOK (2665)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cooking and Baking Classes at Moderne Culinaire Academy

Thinking of dabbling in cooking or baking this summer? Looking for a summer workshop for you kids, maybe? Check out Moderne Culinaire Academy. Above and below are schedules* for the classes.

*Click on pictures to enlarge

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