Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Endings

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: the final installment
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: second installment
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: third installment
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: fourth installment  
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: fifth installment
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: sixth installment
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: seventh installment 
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0: eighth installment

I thought it would be nice to end this series with more desserts from the UTT4.0...
Special Leche Flans
Sweet Conspiracy
Contact No.: (0919)373-6002

Home Made Jams
The Fruit Garden

Dark Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies
Purple Dough
Contact No.: (0917)886-6873

Food for the Gods and other Homemade Goodies
Mrs. V's
Contact Nos.: (0920)950-7146; (0917)535-2009; (02)794-3510

Lengua de Gato
House of Lenguas de Gato by Kraze Kitch

Caramel Bars
Contact No.: (0915)486-4588

Thanks a bunch to all the food suppliers who stuffed us silly that night. Kudos to Anton of Our Awesome Planet and to all those who organized the event. You guys did an awesome job. And of course to Spanx (Manila Boy), thank you for the invite. We had a spanking good time.


iyaiyayow said...

nagugutom ako uli!

i enjoyed UTT 4. i got to try out the offerings of 32 booths. gusto ko sanang i-attempt all 50 kaso lang i was so close to empacho.




psychosomaticaddictinsane said...

UTT 5 is this august, right? bumawi tayo dun!

i added you in my blogroll pala ha. :)

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