Monday, May 17, 2010

The Roast Duck Siopao by The Classic Roast

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When  I arrived at The Classic Roast Home Made Roasts (Lolo Leo's litson manok, liempo, bbq, atbp.) station at the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0, there was only one miserable looking Roast Duck Siopao left on the large round bamboo steamer tray. The portion looked too big for me though and considering I had dozens of food stations more to visit, I couldn't risk getting too stuffed before I got around to them. But I simply couldn't pass on the chance to sample the roast duck siopao. I mean, come on! I have not had pork in the longest time and siopao is one of those comfort foods I enjoyed so much growing up. So I sheepishly asked the guy behind the table if he had smaller portions of the siopao available.

Yes, he said, opening the giant steamer to his left revealing what looked to me like a hundred mini siopao's merrily steaming away. (I swear I could feel my eyes sparkle as he did this.) He quickly told me that the mini siopao's just need five more minutes to finish steaming then I can have one for myself. I waited, of course. It was the best 5 waiting minutes I spent during the entire event. Delicious and flavorful roast duck chunks in freshly steamed pristine white pao buns make this particular siopao a winner in my book, er, food notebook.  I just love love love The Classic Roast's roast duck siopao.

Also available from The Classic Roast:
Roast Duck (Whole-Php900, Half-Php450, or Quarter-Php250)
Duck Sisig
Duck Rice
Lechon Manok (Whole-Php190 or Half-Php100)

Christ the King Bazaar (Saturdays and Sundays)

Contact Nos.:
(02)911-5795; (02)911-5718; (0917)822-6400; or (0917)528-5838. Look for Polly.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comments and pictures of our duck siopao and roast duck. We're really glad you enjoyed our siopao! We hope to see you in future events so you can sample our other products like duck sisig and duck fried rice.

Polly/Classic Roast

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