Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holly's Low Fat Choco Milk

Chocolate milk is quite possibly my ultimate guilty pleasure. I can still remember the time when Magnolia Chocolait came in a glass bottle. I used to chug a liter of it down in one sitting. Of course that was a very long time ago, back when my metabolism ran on overdrive and my mother force fed me pork tocino with rice every single day so I wouldn't look like a kid whose parents couldn't afford to feed her. I rarely pick up a container of chocolate milk from the grocery nowadays. No matter how it seems to call my name every time I pass by the dairy section. When I do though, the more reasonable part of me always pick the low fat version. The other part of me on the other hand always curse "reasonable me" in the end. Low fat, whatever they say, is simply the ickier version of the good thing. Like my friend Mich always says- fat is flavor. Ergo: Low fat = Low flavor.

That is why I am delighted to have met Paco at the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0, who introduced me to Holly's low fat chocolate milk. It has all the qualities of chocolate milk that makes it sinful except it has lower fat content. Not to mention how incredibly fresh it tastes. Holly's low fat chocolate milk = ultimate flavor. This just about sums up the reason why I am extremely thrilled by this find. Holly's may have redefined the concept of guilty pleasures for me.

Holly's Fresh Milk & Other Dairy Products:
Whole Milk (200ml, 300ml, 1 Liter)
Low Fat Milk (200ml, 300ml, 1 Liter)
Low Fat Choco Milk (200ml, 300ml., 1 Liter)
Quesong Puti (200g.)
Cream Cheese

Contact Nos.:

Office Address:
Room 202 Centrum II Bldg. #150, Valero St., Makati City


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