Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lechon Manok and Lechon Liempo from Chic-Boy

Last Thursday, we were invited over at Chic-Boy in Jupiter Street, Makati City to sample the establishment's Cebu style lechon manok and lechon liempo.  
Chic-Boy is a fairly new fast-food restaurant which explains why the first time I ever heard of the place was when Spanx sent us the invite. (That and the fact that I rarely go to Makati and when I do, it is usually to mallrat in Glorietta or Greenbelt or meet with some friends in The Fort or Rockwell or bring family members for a checkup in Makati Med. Other than those places, I would most probably get lost there what with the city's manifold confusing streets and disconcerting one-way roads. Apparently, when you get to Jupiter Street, Chic-Boy is quite easy to find.) 

What sets Chic-Boy's style of lechon apart from its competitors is the abundance of local herbs and spices stuffed into every possible nook and cranny of the meat of choice infusing it with a distinctive flavor. 

The lechon manok kind of reminds me of my father's famous lechon manok, a frequent request at get-togethers in the house. Like my father, Chic-Boy uses a generous amount of tanglad in their lechon, an ingredient I had grown to associate with Visayan cooking, thanks to my father's Ilonggo roots.

Chic-Boy has a broad menu apart from lechon manok and lechon liempo, like their pork barbecue, chicken sisig, and sinigang. Thankfully, they have a nice selection of desserts, too. Their Turon con Leche is very yummy. The dip (the con leche part of the dessert) made from condensed milk is divine. Bad for the diet but divine nonetheless.

Learn more about Chic-Boy at http://www.chic-boy.com.ph/

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rmon_27 said...

just had dinner at chic-boy jp rizal branch in makati....there was a fly in my batchoy....what a way to kick start father's day!

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