Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chicken Kare Kare Roulade

Chicken Kare-kare Roulade
I know there are a lot of very good specialty restaurants in Tagaytay but whenever I go there lately and it's time for lunch, I go to a spa. Nurture Village though is more than just a spa. At its Organic Cafe, the meals served are not only healthy, they are delectable, too.

I am particularly smitten by Nurture Village Organic Cafe's Chicken Kare-Kare Roulade. Artfully plated when I first met it, I did not expect that I would come to love it so much. It is partly because I am conditioned to think that if it's healthy, then it probably won't taste good. I must confess that when I first ordered this meal, I was half trying to prove myself right. I mean, chicken kare-kare? How can it possibly work? The Chicken Kare-kare Roulade, "French chicken breast stuffed with Jullien Kare-kare vegetables, with peanut puree sauce," however turned my distrust of healthy food on its head.

The chicken breast is wrapped around vegetables traditionally used for kare-kare then fried (at least I think it is). With the roulade is fried banana heart which, more than making the plate pretty, is really really good. It is served on a bed of peanut sauce which is your good old recipe for kare-kare, and it matches the taste of the poultry and vegetables wonderfully. Rounded out with a serving of steamed rice, it was a filling yet nutritious meal.

Sate Tupa
Another innovative meal from the menu is the Sate Tupa, which is skewered lamb in beef steak sauce. The lamb is tender and delights with an exquisite yet familiar taste. A generous serving of three sticks with rice, you will want to eat more after the last stick is gone. Delicious!

Nurture Village is located in Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay City.
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