Thursday, March 28, 2013

Organic Cafe at Nurture Village

Chicken Sandwich

Roasted chicken flakes in wheat bread served with potato chips

"Committed to making life a wondrous experience, Nurture Village create and offers healthy and delicious cuisine including delectable nonvegetarian and vegetarian dishes."

Exodus started yesterday for Metro Manila. Today, Maundy Thursday, is officially a non-working holiday. While almost everybody is going somewhere else from now until Easter Sunday, either for reflection or relaxation, I would most likely be staying at home for both. Besides, the traffic situation going to every popular destination for Lent, as with every year before this, will be like Calvary. Pardon the pun.

If there were some place I would not mind going to though, it would be Tagaytay City. It is a tranquil place, with awe-inspiring views and refreshing cool weather. This, I suppose, explains why the place is replete with convents, seminaries, retreat houses, and churches. 

Aside from religious establishments, Tagaytay City is also home to places that devote themselves to pampering and relaxation, among them, Nurture Village. That said, an ideal trip to Tagaytay for Maundy Thursday would be to do the Visita Iglesia among the churches and religious sites there and  thereafter head over to Nurture Village, if not for a massage, a Holyweek-compliant meal.

I say this because as I rifle through the food notes filed in my brain, there are not many restaurants that make healthier food options central in their menu. The cafe at Nurture Village is one of the very few that do. Another delightful tidbit about this place is that they grow their own organic vegetables, so you are sure that whatever you get in the cafe is fresh as can be.

Nurture Village is located in Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay City. Visit their website at

Aside from spa services and dining, Nurture Village also accepts reservations for corporate functions, Glamping, and weddings. For more details or reservations, contact:
Mobile - (0918)8888SPA; (0917)6878873; (0920)9505724; (0922)8988654
Landline - (02)7109786; (046)5126273

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