Monday, June 6, 2011

Pampanga: Always a Food Trip (Day 2- Sun Up)

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes
The morning after. Rollyn woke me up the next day with a phone call. I forgot to give her the cupcakes I promised Friday night. (It was supposed to be this cupcake, but I ran out of semi-sweet chocolate for the ganache so I used Dove dark chocolate instead.) She called to say she was on her way to pick them up on her way to her class Saturday morning.

the Pub, at Oasis
It wasn't easy, waking up. Especially after that gluttonous night. It didn't help that we had a few drinks at the Pub right after dinner. Chiro, a very talented acoustic band, provided the entertainment for the night. They endeared themselves to us when they went out of their way to sing one of our requests even if that song were so way out of their comfort zone. The charismatic lead singer, Toni, did a phenomenal job nonetheless. I am officially a fan.

Maranao Grill Breakfast Buffet
Where was I on the food... ah, yes. Upon waking up, we had breakfast, or more precisely, brunch. We had a hearty one expecting not to have a proper lunch anymore in preparation for another- ahem- epic dinner. Saturday night means Saturday Prime Rib Dinner Special at Maranao Grill.

Sumo Sam's Red Iced Tea
The afternoon was spent at the Marquee Mall for some window shopping. Not having had lunch, we eventually succumbed to some light snacking at Sumo Sam. Their Red Iced Tea (Php98) is one of my most favorite bottomless drinks of all time. There is hardly a hint of tea in it, if you ask me, but I love its refreshingly citrus-y taste. 

Crunchy Squid
I also ordered Crunchy Squid (Php208). It is your upscale version of that squid concoction laced with a red, sweet, salty, spicy, powdery seasoning you get from stores that offer champoy, kiamoy and beef jerky and stuff like that (Yes, the ones displayed in what look like ancient apothecary jars in most Chinese specialty food stores).

After that, it's back to Oasis for some more serious dining.

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