Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Savories at the UTT 5.0

Ultimate Taste Test 5.0: final installment

Auntie May's

They are known for their Imported Beef Tapa. I can only surmise that it was utterly good since all the samples have been wiped out long before I got to their table.

Contact Nos.: (02)727-2151; (0917)885-0508; (0917)800-1088


This was one of the most sought after station of the night. My brother even went for seconds of their Hickory Smoked Pork Belly and Red Rice Salad. I am a big fan of their Red Rice Salad- "A Korean style paella with seared tuna slices, shrimp and shredded lettuce." It's a unique almost strange combination of ingredients. Something that, when I read it off a restaurant menu, I would pass over it right away. I'm sure glad I got to try it because after that, it immediately went straight to the top of my list of food to order from Dulcelin. These are moments for which I thank my lucky stars for attending UTT.


Fortune Empire

My brother, the pork dish taste tester gave a thumb's up for Fortune Empire's pork offerings.

Contact Nos.: (0917)208-1889; (0949)316-7739


Gustazo offers Gourmet Tuyo, Pomodoro Tinapa, and Chunky Bagoong. The tuyo and tinapa goes well with crackers, rice, pasta or salads. The bagoong, well, all of us have our own ideas how we like to have it.

Contact No.: (02)913-6998

Hearty Onion

Their Smokey Pulled USDA Beef Belly (Do-It-Yourself) Sandwich is to die for. For Php2,500, you and 12-15 others get to enjoy it together with a side dish and dessert.

Contact No.: (0917)828-7988

Home-made Pate by Carol Jorge

I can't get enough of their smooth and creamy Classic Chicken Liver pate (Php250). Also available is their Pate Grand Reserve which is chicken liver combined with mushrooms and spices (Php275). All orders include crostinis.

Contact Nos.: (0917)895-5306 or 672-3443; (02)782-0514

Honey Shrimp Paste by Angelo Yaneza

This was mouthwateringly good on the mangoes which they were served with at the event.

Manila Q

On the table is "Bagwang." Manila Q's take on the notoriously crunchy pork delicacy, the Bagnet.

Contact No.: (02)332-1254

Mother Lee

I liked the Hungarian Gulasch so much I wanted to ask for rice. For delectable home cooking without the fuss, contact Mother Lee.

Contact No.: (0917)5333005

Pasta Box

For quick delicious pasta meals and grilled sandwiches, too. They deliver within Makati.

Contact Nos.: (02)881-6188; SMS (0910)7995916


Their bottled smoked fish- Anak ng tinapa sa sarap talaga!

Address: Unit 306, The Victoria, No. 41, Annapolis St., Notheast Greenhills, San Juan
Contact No.: (0922)892-9109

Sassy K's

I enjoyed snacking on their nacho chips and gourmet dips.

Contact No.: (0920)920-8120


Sansan said...

Hello! We at Sassy K are so happy thay you enjoyed our food and more ecstatic to be mentioned in your blog!

We do hope to meet you personally someday and thank you. Hope you can drop by at Mercato Centrale on weekends... it's another foodie haven I assure you!

We hope you don't mind reposting a link of your blog in our facebook page.

More power and God Bless!

Smarla said...

I also wrote about UTT 5.0 and we have a lot of similar favorite food finds :D

Great post!

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