Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...Aaaand more sweets!

Ultimate Taste Test 5.0: second installment
Ultimate Taste Test 5.0: an intro
Ultimate Taste Test 5.0: first installment
Ultimate Taste Test 5.0: final installment


Gotta love their soft and gooey gourmet cookies- First Kiss, Cranberry Oatmeal, and Insomnia (Php65 per piece)

Address: 172 B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Hts.
Contact Nos.: 927-1990; 929-4186

Dessert Barn

Lovely, lovely cakes this barn has...

Just Desserts

Their butterscotch is yummy (Php120 for a box of 6).

Email: jd.sweetpassion@gmail.com
Contact Nos.: 400-2329; (0922)884-3606; (0905)259-8485


I am quite excited that the ubiquitous Filipino bakeshop, Goldilocks is now offering "couture" cakes and sweets.

Address: 493 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
Website: www.luxebygoldilocks.com.ph
Contact Nos.: (02)727-6504 to 05

Risa Fine Bespoke Chocolates

Truffles, truffles, truffles... 

My teeth ache just remembering them. So does my heart. Risa's fine Bespoke chocolates are pure indulgence.

Email: risachocolates@yahoo.com
Website: risachocolates.wordpress.com
Contact No.: (0918)942-4573

Joanne's Kitchen

I am not a big fan of almonds, but I love butterscotch bars. Joanne's Kitchen made me forget about my usual dislike of the nut with their almond butterscotch bars. And don't you just adore those little gold boxes?

Website: www.joanneskitchen.multiply.com

Kitchen a la Ching

The folks behind Kitchen a la Ching pride themselves with their home-made liqueur cakes. I would love to try their Rhum Butter Cake (Php270).

Email: kitchenalaching@gmail.com
Contact Nos.: (0918)926-4675; (0999)405-3787; (02)431-0900

The Pastry Connection

One of the more ornately decorated tables in the event, so are their cakes. They taste as good as they look, too.

Email: teighryll@yahoo.com

Sweet Finale

Give them a call this Christmas if you're looking to give away fruit cakes, and them some.

Address: #19 3rd St., New Manila, QC
Websites: www.sweetfinale.multiply.com; www.icruzculinarystudio.multiply.com
Contact Nos.: (0915)258-7117; (02)723-7309 (9am-6pm)

Sweet Life Pastries

Green tea pastries anyone? I am a believer in green tea. A tad skeptical about it in my desserts. But Sweet Life's green tea espasol with ube filling is a sweet wonder. You've got to try it to believe it.

Address: 332 Real St., Pulang Lupa, Las Pinas City
Email: malou_aranda2000@yahoo.com
Contact Nos.: (0918)3956091/(0923)6098184

Tres Amores

They are all about apples- pies, crisps, cakes, muffins, cookies and even applesauce.

I liked their Crumb Topping Apple Pie (a 9-inch pie is Php540). My brother did, too. They have a sugar-free alternative, for those avoiding the sugar menace (Php580 for a 9-inch pie).

Email: tresamoresapplepie@yahoo.com
Contact Nos.: 490-5696


Risa Chocolates said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for including us in your list! May we link our Facebook and website to this? I love the picture you took of our packaging and snow family! Thank you! _Risa Cocolates

Teighryll said...

Thanks so much for blogging about my cakes... :) I really appreciate it...
- Jordan Pot-Hole

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