Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Cupcakes by Sonja

Not content with the chocolate frosted Vanilla Sunshine I had with my brewed coffee, I found myself buying a box of 4 cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja to carry home. Indulging in sugar should have been the last thing on my mind that day but I had convinced myself that I'd have only one for myself and I'd share the rest with my family back home. That was the plan- fair, benevolent, and healthy.

The flaw, however, was in the execution. When I got home, I ate one. My brother took one. Then I alone finished the rest over the next two days.

In my defense, those cupcakes behind the glass counter could make a grown man squeal like a delighted little girl. Just imagine rows and rows of pastel colored candy sprinkled frosting sitting atop personal-sized cakes. Definitely eye candy. So how can you resist having just one? I am sure many would complain about how overly sugary the frosting are on these little devils. I couldn't care less.

Chocolate Surprise (Php68)

The chocolate frosted Chocolate Surprise is the one my brother picked for himself. This had the same frosting as the one I had earlier at the bakery so losing this one out to my brother didn't bother me too much. The taste of chocolate in the frosting is distinct and exquisite. This heavenly frosting practically sold Vanilla Sunshine to me when I first sank my teeth into one. It has since become my favorite cupcake by far.

Vanilla Sunshine (Php55)

The vanilla frosted Vanilla Sunshine is the one I munched on as a midnight snack. The texture of the vanilla cupcake was similar to a butter cake or pound cake as opposed to a chiffon cake. Buttery and not too sweet, I loved how it paired with the sweet and velvety vanilla buttercream. The baby blue frosting and white candy sprinkles particularly appeals to me. Talk about a pretty cupcake!

Mocha Motion (Php60)

Mocha Motion is a coffee-lover's dream cupcake. It's a wonderful combination of chocolate cupcake and mocha frosting, with a sprinkling of chocolate confetti. Just the right hint of coffee gives this cupcake a delightful kick.

Chocolate Surprise (Php68)

I picked out this vanilla frosted Chocolate Surprise mostly because of the purple frosting and the sprinkles in deeper purple. More than just a pretty face, this chocolatey cupcake does not disappoint. The cupcake has the same texture as the vanilla cupcake, the only difference is the wallop of chocolate that it packs in every bite. The vanilla frosting gives it a light and creamy counterpoint. Dee-lish!

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