Sunday, May 18, 2008


Around here, we love our steak. The first time one of my uncles came home from the US carrying with him a case of New York cut steaks, I and my siblings thought we died and gone to heaven. The steaks, my uncle explained proudly, he purposely bought on the way to the airport when he was about to fly to the Philippines to make sure they arrive here fresh. So the first order of business when he arrived at our house was to fire up the grill, season a couple of steaks with a dry rub of salt, pepper, and paprika and grill away. Just grill away... And by golly, those thick, generous cuts of finely marbled beef not only were fresh, they melted in the mouth no matter no matter how done you grilled them.

Now there will be more steaks after the last steak from my uncle's stash was gobbled up. But nothing came quite close to those steaks after that. It doesn't help that we never could get ourselves to pay a thousand bucks for a steak, so the pool for comparison was not that big. But we have tried a good many steaks, both imported and local, from the grocery to grill at home.

We got some aged and seasoned Australian steaks, for example, from Salcedo Market before. The cuts were a bit thin for our satisfaction but they were pretty tender and had a good flavor to them.

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Sakai said...

meat meat maeat... love it

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