Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beignet by New Orleans

Gumbo introduced me to Beignet, which I grew to love so much that no visit at Gumbo is ever complete without an order of Beignet. Beignet, while it finds origin in France, is a pastry widely associated with Louisiana, New Orleans, which is why restaurants that specializes in creole cooking would most probably carry this in their menu.

New Orleans restaurant at Bonifacio High Street, another great restaurant that serves authentic New Orleans cuisine, for example, also has Beignet. Unlike Gumbo's, where the Beignet takes a mini-ciabatta-like form, New Orleans makes their Beignets spherical, and it has a more yeast-y flavor to it. Notably, in New Orleans, Beignet is served with coffee, you cannot order it on its own, which is fine by me. The mild bitterness of freshly brewed coffee gives a good counter-balance to the sweetness of the Beignet. If you do not have a sweet tooth, on the other hand, there are also savory Beignets. Try their Shrimp Beignet, which is served with a creamy bechamel-like sauce and shrimps instead of powdered sugar.

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Sakai said...

If u have the chance, go to New Orleans Louisiana.. Try Cafe Du Monde... best beignets i have ever tasted...

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