Sunday, May 11, 2008

Surf 'n' Turf @ Gumbo's

Last night, I went with my wife and her family to Gumbo, at the Mall of Asia, to watch the 2008 World Pyrotechnics Olympics. It was France versus Canada for that night, and the mall was packed. We got a little worried that it started to rain real hard at about 7 P.M. But luckily, not even the rain could stop the show.

Well, actually, my wife and her family went for the show. Me, I went for this...

Surf and turf or Surf 'n' Turf is a main course particularly common in North American steakhouses which combines seafood and meat.

Gumbo's version, the Ribs and Fish Bucket, is a bottomless pit of two sets of ribs, two fillet of Cream Dory, in a bucket full of fries and corn on the cob (more corn at the bottom of the bucket)... (Php1,195 + service). A feast fit for a...

Service is good at Gumbo. Lalaine and the other servers there really pay attention to you. I could not get my refillable Coke Zero (Php55) past the halfway mark without someone (either our designated server, or any other Gumbo employee who happens to pass by) saying "Refill, Sir" and whisking the glass away and bringing it back, filled before I could even finish swallowing the food in my mouth and say "no thanks." After the fourth refill, I had to physically hold my glass down and scream "STOP!" Okay, so it was not that dramatic, but seriously. These people will just NOT let you empty your glass.

Oh by the way, here is the complementary bread with olive oil and roasted garlic. Other stuff we ordered were Pan Seared Cream Dory with Lemon (Php425), Calamari (Php275), Blackened Salmon (Php475)

The first of two fireworks shows started, and people made a beeline for the exit.

Me, I sat at my table and finished my coffee. I do get a pretty good view from in there.

By the way, their coffee (Php45), is like their refillable Coke. They refill and refill and refill. No more! Stop! :) You should also try their refillable house blend iced tea (Php70) which is a family favorite. It has a distinct tangy flavor to it, it's certainly not made from the powdered kind.

After the first show, things settled down again until... JAMBALAYA!!! It was someone's birthday (one of two that night) and the folks at Gumbo help liven up the celebration with mardi gras hats, percussions, and complimentary scoop of ice cream topped with a candle. Now the show is inside, Gumbo. This is just one of the many reasons why I resolved to have my next birthday here.

After the second fireworks display it was off to home and updating my new blog (if you like wristwatches, please do pay it a visit). If you want to see more shots of the fireworks, I should get around to posting them in our photoblog here.

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