Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super Z Sandwich at Salcedo Market

Walking around Salcedo Market can make you really hungry. Something about the place though makes you want to stay on your feet and wander from one food-laden stall to another from the minute you set foot on it until the time you leave. So it would do one good to find food that can stave off hunger while walking.

Robin for his part found Z's sausage sandwiches, which he liked so much he ended up eating 2. Z's offers a variety of sausages to choose from- Super Franks, Hungarian Sausages, Super Z (original, spicy, cheezy, hot & cheezy)- which is grilled then plopped on a ciabatta bun. That crunchy on the outside yet soft and airy on the inside bread has driven Robin away from his junkfood binging to snacking on lightly-toasted ciabatta, which you can get from The French Baker. There you can choose from different forms and sizes of ciabatta- flat, traditional loaf, hotdog bun, and mini flat ciabatta.

Robin prefers his Super Z (original) sandwich bare- just the dog and the bun please- but Z's allows you to adorn your sandwich with the usual condiments- pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. according to your own taste. You can also buy their delicious sausages to cook at home.

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alvin said...

There's a Z's in Salcedo, at the street between Valero and Alfaro(Leviste), close to the Rufino intersection. My officemates and I love to eat there for lunch. (You get unlimited servings of rice)

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