Monday, April 14, 2008

Salcedo Market photo album: seventh installment

More cooked food, more fresh food, more delicacies...

Good sheperd goodies, for those of you who can't go to Baguio on a whim just to get these wonderful bottled delights.

Pritson, Iberian Chicken, and other prepared foods you can take home, serve to your family or friends, and claim all the credit for.

More kakanin than you can handle

Fear Factor: down a balut, you say?

Hito, grilled your way

A big array of fresh seafood offerings

Enticing roast beef for the meat-lover in you


Anonymous said...

I am working on a book about food journeys. We urgently need a photo of Salcedo market. Can you get in contact asap.
Many thanks,

Eiyah Polendey said...

Yummy! I am just craving of those foods. Hope to visit there soon.

-----> s

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