Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puffs by Beard Papa's

The first Philippine Beard Papa's cream puff store opened in Greenhills. I heard about it on the radio and I had sent Robin, bless his heart, all the way there to get me a box. I have never heard about Beard Papa's until that radio announcement but the way the DJ's talked about these cream puffs in the radio made me want it so bad. Talk about effective marketing...

I developed an instant liking to this pastry. It is perfect with a hot cup of black coffee on a rainy day (Yes, it had to be a rainy day. Rainy days add a touch of drama to otherwise mundane activities, just watch those telenovelas. Rain always falls on cue.). The puff pastry is light and airy with a delightfully crispy crackly crust. The generous vanilla custard inside the shell was wonderfully velvety, delicately flavored, not too sweet. Love it. They photograph well, too.

The price hasn't changed ever since they opened here three years ago. Php50 for their signature cream puff (dusted with powdered sugar) and Php55 for the eclair puff (dipped in chocolate, with or without sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or marble swirls). They have since expanded their product line, which includes sylvanas. Visit Beard Papa's shops at the Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia, and SM City North.


Anonymous said...

At The zone where we play badminton, there is a cream puff place called HAPPY Cream Puff. Super sarap! You should try it.

leah dela torre said...

like q yan... even that i have my new work now,,, until now super love q p rin ang cream puff.... thank u sir herwin 4 having our cream puff day every friday!!!

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