Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beard Papa's Sylvanas

Beard Papa's, my favorite purveyor of fantastic creampuffs, now makes sylvanas. I just had one earlier for merienda in Greenhills Promenade along with a cup of Beard Papa's all natural ice tea (refreshing!). These sylvanas are bigger than your usual polvoron-size sylvanas, about the size of a hockeypuck. They are also airier and chewier. These sweet treats definitely won me over. I enjoyed these "giant" sylvanas so much I took a bite out of it every two seconds.

Beard Papa's sylvanas are available at Bear Papa's Greenhills Promenade for sure, but it is likely that they have them in all their branches (e.g. SM north, SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta). They also have them in strawberry flavor which are appropriately pink in color. Quite pretty and may prove to be great Valentine's gifts. At Php25 per piece, these sylvanas are a great deal.

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