Friday, October 23, 2015

The Makings of a Fancy Meal

Guess what we're having for dinner.

Been craving for truffled cream pasta ever since my friend, Faye, mentioned it a couple of days ago. So one day when my brother and I went grocery shopping, I picked up some ingredients so I could make the pasta dish at home. Rather fancy ingredients they are, and oh so lovely to look at. I'd take a food basket of these over a bouquet of flowers any day.

Mushroom pasta with truffled cream or any pasta of the sort oftentimes fetch a premium price on restaurant menus. Admittedly, the ingredients are not the cheapest nor the easiest to find in local supermarkets. But if there's a will, there's a way. I found this bunch in Rustan's Supermarket - Glorietta. The dried wild mushrooms (there's porcini there somewhere) were on sale, at Php287, so naturally, I took it as a sign that I simply must make truffled cream pasta at home. I got a bottle of truffle flavored extra virgin olive oil for Php279, which is a steal in my opinion. Since this was going to be a fairly elegant dish, I skipped the parmesan cheese and went straight for parmigiano reggianno, 80 grams of it for Php200. Same idea with the pasta and cream I chose to use. The spaghetti is De Cecco (Php123) and the cooking cream, Elle and Vire (Php63.45).

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