Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sprung Onion

Look at what sprouted in my plant box!

Been flexing my light green thumb. I got a plastic plant box, a pair of plastic pots, and some organic soil. Then I bought some plants from the local plant nursery. I bought a fruiting kalamansi plant and stuck it in one of the pots and the other pot housed a lemon seedling that I got from my brother. The plant box is where I put my Japanese Peace Lily. My inspiration for the peace lily is Hot Fuzz. If you don't get the connection, look up the movie Hot Fuzz and you'll see. A pair of white flowering plants whose name I've already forgotten flank the lily on both sides of the plant box.

Condo Plants

Seeing my plants thrive brings quite a bit of joy actually, and I like how I only have to water them about twice a week. So low maintenance. Try doing that with herbs, right? As for the onion, I just decided to stick one in the soil one day and viola! It's alive! (I wonder if I can cook with it.)

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