Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mitsuyado Sei-Men Fix

Miso Tsukemen
Php280, regular
Mitsuyado Sei-Men The House of Tsukemen is my go to restaurant of late. My mom loves it here, too, as she particularly loves the hot service tea. Addicted is the word she used. My lil ol' mother is addicted to Mitsuyado's hot tea.

Shoyu Ramen
Php290, regular
While my mom often goes for the ramen or donburi bowls, I had busied myself with discovering the Tsukemen, or dipping noodles. I have tried several of the different varieties of Tsukemen already, and so far my favorite is the robust and tangy Yuzu Tsukemen. I like it better than the Miso Tsukemen photographed above (I ask for the ground pork to be placed in a separate bowl). And yes, I've tried the one with the cheese sauce. I must admit it sounded odd at first (think ramen and cheese) but it did not taste odd at all when I finally got to try it. Eating it felt surprisingly natural and it certainly does taste good.

The Tsukemen noodles are thicker than your average ramen noodles, and so is the soup made for dipping. Being thicker in consistency, so designed to better cling to the noodles during the dipping ritual, the flavor of Tsukemen soup is richer, more concentrated than that of ramen. While probably not meant to be slurped like any regular ramen broth- or the healthiest thing in the world- I do this quite a bit. Speaking of healthy, I like the Karaage, too. We've ordered a plate of these delicious little morsels every single time.

Chicken Karaage
Mitsuyado has a lot of things going for it aside from the food. One is the service tea, obviously, your choice of hot or cold. Second is location. We do a lot of our shopping in S&R and Mall of Asia in Macapagal Boulevard, and Mitsuyado is in the Blue Bay Walk complex, right smack in the middle of the two. Third is store hours. We tend to get hungry after we do our shopping and this restaurant is open until 11PM, so... no rush with the shopping. Fourth is the interior design of the restaurant. It is minimalist and rustic, giving you the feel of being in a local Japanese ramen house complete with a ramen cart which doubles as a what I assume to be a bar. The friendly staff does a good job of keeping the place clean. Fifth is the price. For the quality and amount of food you get, I think it's pretty cheap actually.

Mitsuyado Sei-men - Blue Bay Walk is located in Macapagal Avenue corner EDSA, Pasay City. For inquiries and reservations contact (02)843-4329. Visit the Facebook page at

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