Saturday, October 24, 2015

Milk Bottles

These are so pretty. I found them in SM Makati and couldn't resist buying them. A set of 3 glass bottles for Php300, I thought it was a good deal. Although, it is partly nostalgia.
I remember how Magnolia fresh milk used to come in these really thick glass bottles. Remember those? They came with a crimped cardboard cap and an inner cardboard seal with a tab for easy lifting. Imagine, three times the thickness of these bottles I got from SM, and they came free with the milk. How I wish I saved some of those bottles. Instead now I'm paying for my milk bottles...

Anyway. I also wanted nicer containers to transfer leftover canned milk- condensed or evaporated- into. Since, you know, you really can't leave leftover milk in a can sitting in the fridge somewhere for later consumption. Not safe. I also like that these bottles come with measurement markings. It's a nice touch, quite handy for when I could not find my measuring cups. Jealous yet?

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