Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bottled Dulce De Leche

I spied this classic decadent sweet on the shelf at S&R and I could not stop getting one for myself.

I have made dulce de leche the hard way so at Php299.95, I think Mardel Dulce de Leche is a good deal. It does taste a bit different from my DIY dulce de leche but it is delicious nonetheless. 

I love eating it on its own with a spoon but for a party a few weeks ago, I used it as topping for a batch of chocolate cupcakes I whipped up. Really, it's instant frosting. While a bit tricky to pipe, I did not have to deal with endless whipping and clouds of powdered sugar in the kitchen. Wonderfully creamy and sweet, it certainly fared a lot better than the cupcake it sat on. I tried out a new chocolate cupcake recipe in order to use up the yogurt my brother brought home from one of his trips. The cupcakes didn't turn up as moist as I hoped.

I'll try frosting with dulce de leche again. Hopefully this time with a better cupcake.

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