Monday, February 2, 2015

One Fine Lunch at Marcia Adams' Restaurant

Pasta Ai Funghi
That time when you and your friends just felt like running away for a weekend.

One day (Independence Day, I think it was, last year) we decided to drive off to Tagaytay. We literally only had one day to spare but that time, everyone had a reason for a vacation. So no matter, we just went for it. Given the time constraint, wherever we decide to go it had to be near. Hence Tagaytay City.

Bread with Olive Oil 
and Balsamic Vinegar
That place has that neither here nor there vibe to it for people from NCR (National Capital Region). It is near enough for a short getaway (Some three hour drive from Manila, you still get to enjoy that feeling of going on a roadtrip.), but when you get there the scenery is a far cry from the hustle and bustle that is Manila.

It has grown a bit crowded over the past twenty years with popular food franchises opening up and even gargantuan condominiums sprouting as near to the ridge as they can get, but somehow it still retains that laid-back ambiance. Just make sure that when you vacation there, you steer away from the big-name fastfood joints for your meals. Instead go for the hole in the wall restaurants.

Hunting for the restaurants you only find in Tagaytay (or its vicinity) is an oddly gratifying experience. Even more so when the food is good. Fortunately, Tagaytay has a veritable list of dining destinations that offer not only sensational ambiance but unique and delightful meals as well. One of these restaurants is Marcia Adams'. It is not exactly on the Tagaytay Ridge and it's a bit off the beaten track but that is what makes the trip so interesting. It's such a charming, romantic place that even if you did not enjoy the "trying to find it" part, you will forget all about it when you get there.

Classic Shish Kebabs
Corsican Beef Stew
Italian Pork Chop
Marcia Adams' Restaurant serves three-course Mediterranean style meals. The menu is not that long but everything listed on the menu sounded like a good choice. So when it was time to decide, the four of us agreed to choose different meals from the menu for diversity. While I'm sure I had the Ai Funghi Pasta, because I remember how I initially thought that I was not going to finish the plate since it was such a big helping of pasta and I did because I positively loved it, I could not remember who ate what. What I do remember about the others is that they enjoyed their meals just as much as I did.

Amalfi Shrimps
(squeeze some lemon juice on the shrimps and eat the shrimp,
chip, and parsley in one go, otherwise it will not taste as good)
Soup of the Day
(I forget what it was that day.)
Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce
Lemon Sponge Pudding
Prices of meals in Marcia Adams start at Php700 (plus service charge). This includes the main course, an appetizer, and a dessert. Be prepared to pay in cash as they currently do not accept credit cards.

More about Marcia Adams' Restaurant and on how to get there at the Tagaytay Ridge blog.

Marcia Adams' Restaurant is located in J.P. Rizal St., Barangay Sikat, Alfonso, Cavite. Prior reservation is required. Send reservation requests by text message to (0917)801-1456. Visit the Facebook page at


Mary Lovelee Tan said...

I wanted to try this out, but, seeing the prices made me decide to hold it off for some time. Time to save-up first! =)

Kristine said...

True. : )

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