Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Finding The Girl + The Bull

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
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A few days ago, my friend booked us a table at The Girl + The Bull in BF Paranaque. She tells me she's heard some pretty good reviews about the restaurant and I too have read about it online so I was pretty stoked about finally getting to try the food there.

80/20 Burger
While I've never been to The Girl + The Bull before, I was quite familiar with Aguirre Avenue and the restaurant's website suggests we could get directions on Google maps, so I was confident I'll find the place with nary a hitch. Boy, could I ever be more wrong. The Google maps directions was a bad one. It led me to the completely opposite direction on Aguirre. So, as I neared the exit to President's Avenue convinced that I was more or less lost, I called the restaurant.

Faux Twix
Hungry, sitting in a parked car on the side of the road with hazard lights blinking,  and a tad bit frazzled, I asked for directions. The voice on the other end answered my question with another question: Do you have a reservation? Rather cautiously, I answered "yes" and mentioned my friend's name. Like magic words, the correct directions to the restaurant was revealed to me.

As I made a U-turn and slowly made my way to the other end of Aguirre, I wondered-- had I answered "no" would the voice on the other end of the line not have given me directions? Maybe the "RESERVATIONS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED" posted on the website is code for "RESERVATIONS ONLY." Maybe that "View on Google maps" note on the website that leads to nowhere is intentional, meant to screen customers, to separate those with reservations from those without, for reasons known only perhaps to those that had answered "no".

Maybe I have an overactive imagination when I'm hungry.

When I reached my destination, right across Southland Apartelle, I see no words to announce the restaurant's presence, just two black outlines on a glass door: a girl and a bull. Of course-- I thought to myself-- did I really expect anything but? That glass door could might as well be a rabbit hole.

And this is The Girl + The Bull's Underland:

Visit the website of The Girl + The Bull at

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