Monday, January 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning

It's January once again. Just a couple of weeks into the new year and I can still remember the fireworks ringing in my ears. And how can I not remember those bacchanalian feasts? Fortunately(?), those days are over and the passing of January days allows us a chance to think about other things.
For instance, this month has been made synonymous with change. A clean slate. Many things for many people are rebooted around this time of year. This blog, for one, is certainly not safe from it. 

Notice or not, I've spent quite a while cleaning up around here. (If you notice some things get lost, added, or changed completely-- don't panic. Just don't.) I am not quite done yet. I guess going through almost 8 years of stuff takes a bit more time than I imagined. 8 years. Unbelievable.

Pineapple Passionfruit Cheesecake
So. While we make some changes here, be sure to check this out: See, our friends at Don Limone Grill have made some changes, too. They've moved to Tagaytay and I'm told more new dishes are being added to the menu. Also, I've seen the new place and it's awesome. I can't wait to return soon.

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