Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kebob Platters at Mezze & Kebobs

Sheesh Tavouk Platter
(Marinated Chicken Fillet)
A new kebob restaurant opened up in BF Paranaque called Mezze & Kebobs, satisfying my all too recent craving for seriously good kebobs. Owned in part by the people behind Don Limone Grill, M&K is serving up delicious middle eastern fare.

Sheesh Kebob
(Marinated Australian Top Round)
M&K's kebob platters are dressed to impress. They come in huge servings with two sticks of your choice of kebobs, rice, 2 side salads and pita wedges. I love how colorful these platters are. Talk about eating with your eyes. The sides are certainly a good touch. Although meant for one, I think these platters could easily feed 2 people. Priced between Php295-325, these platters are great value for money meals, especially considering the use of very good quality ingredients in the food.

Beef Kebob
(Ground Australian Sirloin)
The kebobs also come in sandwich versions (wraps) for those looking for a lighter meal. Think fully-loaded shawarma. True to its name, M&K offers delectable little mezze courses as well. I will be trying those next.

Liver Kebob
(Marinated Chicken Liver)
Mezze & Kebobs is located along Aguirre Avenue, BF Paranaque. Right beside Tavern Asia.


Mary Lovelee Tan said...

Ooohhh..everything looks delicious! Too bad it's far from where I live. But hope to try this still =)

Kristine said...

When you travel down south of Manila, be sure to visit.

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