Friday, January 23, 2015

Bakery Fair Philippines 2015

I am in the market for a new oven and fortunately, a bakery fair is coming up.
An oven is a pretty serious investment for me, so I want to look at all options available in the market before I decide on which one to get. I have checked out the many different models widely available in the local appliance stores and there are about two that I found to be particularly interesting. But I am not a hundred percent sold on any of them yet.

The models at the stores are all meant for residential use, at the Bakery Fair, I hope to see the commercial grade models. I'm just wondering- what are the chances I will find some commercial grade ovens at residential-grade prices? (!) Besides ovens, I am also looking forward to seeing many other baking equipment and even ingredients. *excited*

For more information on Bakery Fair 2015, visit the website at:

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