Monday, April 15, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in ATC

Red Velvet (Php85) & Vanilla Blue (Php75)
Been waiting for this cupcake bakery to open ever since I saw the place being renovated in Alabang Town Center. I was attracted to the adorable candy striper colors and outlandish fixtures and accents that adorned it and I could not wait to sit myself down in one of the whimsical yet comfortable looking chairs.

I would channel Alice in Wonderland, once I am there, I say. And that is just what I did today. Yay!

Valrhona Chocolate
I picked the cupcake from behind the glass case that said "Eat me!" the most, and took two more to bring home. So that I would get to taste some more of what Vanilla Cupcake Bakery had to offer (and so I would get to have one of the cute cupcake boxes that they would come with).

I did like my Valrhona Chocolate cupcake, the frosting just enough and sweet, of course, but not overly so, while the cake presents a tender crumb and a sophisticated chocolaty taste.

Curiously, I did not grow inhumanly tall after consuming the last bite of my cupcake, but I may have grown a pound wider. Still, a pound well worth it.

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