Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great Bowls of Hot Ramen at Shinjuku


One rainy Thursday, we went to Makati for a good hot bowl of Japanese ramen. I have been waxing poetic about Raku Hokkaido Ramen House for a long time, and I promised my brother, the ramen junkie, that we will have dinner there one day so he can tell me how it stacks up with all the good ramen he has tasted.

Since Makati is a long drive from where we live, it often deterred us from going, and the traffic situation in the area did not help either. So it was a sad, sad night when we finally got to go and I learned that the good folks behind Raku have consolidated the Makati branch with their NAIA Terminal 3 operations. Stuck with a craving for authentic Japanese Ramen and the fact that we have not had any dinner yet, we drove down the innards of Makati using the Places app in my Android phone, to find ourselves a good alternative. (Incidentally, the phone that mapped out our destination to Shinjuku is the exact same phone that took I used to take the pictures in this post. Thank heavens for technology!)

 Beef Ramen

It took a while, but after a few wrong turns, we found Shinjuku on Makati Avenue, near Berjaya Hotel. The establishment has good parking and simple, almost spartan, yet spacious interiors. Truth be told, it was a glowing review about how Shinjuku serves the best ramen in town, that practically sold us to the place.


It was quite an adventure, a comedy of errors somewhat, but one well worth it. My brother approved of Shinjuku's Butakakuni Ramen, which is composed of "shoyu based soup, vegetables, and tasty tender pork in special thick sauce." I on the other hand liked Shinjuku's Gyudon, which version is quite unlike any other Gyudon I have ever had, owing mostly to its uniquely thick, flavorful sauce.

 Mixed Sushi

Shinjuku is located at 7853 Hercules Street corner Makati Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati.

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