Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Tripping in Bohol

Tarsier Sanctuary
As in Cebu, it was also my first time to visit Bohol. While only a catamaran-ride away, these two places could not be more different from each other. Bohol is quiet with long stretches of road with not a soul or structure in sight as Cebu is a bustling city, much like Manila.

Chocolate Hills

Despite the different sights and experiences those two destinations have given me, they are the same in that I was never wanting in food in both places. (It took a couple of days when I got back home for my body to get used to not eating full meals every four hours.) One of the most memorable meals I had in the Bohol-Cebu trip was on the Floating Restaurant in the Loboc River Cruise. At first, I was not too crazy about the idea of having lunch on board a moving vessel, more so on a river, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised about how I enjoyed the whole experience.

Loboc River

Loboc River is a serene river and its water is a beautiful jade green. I do not know if the water got any rougher down the line but at least that stretch that we cruised on did not have any rapids. It was so much than just having lunch, that river cruise.

On the banks of the river are some local kids who somersaulted into the water from the trees along the river. Some of the local folk performed for the tourists on the river cruise on one side of the river where a dedicated stage was built. I even saw a pack of all-white dogs farther along the river, some simply getting their paws wet in the shallow water and some actually swimming around expertly.

Another lunch worth remembering was the one we had at Miravilla Resort. On one side of the dining hall of the resort, near the entrance, was a line of chest freezers packed with beautiful shellfish and other kinds seafood, some of which I have never seen or which names I have never even heard of before.

Miravilla Resort

On another side of Miravilla Resort is a spectacular view of the sea.

In terms of pasalubong, all I was able to get from Bohol was Loboc Salabat for my father, which is an instant ginger powder beverage; a box of chocolate-covered banana chips called Banchos; a chocolate in the shape of Bohol's Chocolate Hill (of course); and a small tub of peanut candy called Star Peanuts, which never reached the house alive because I snacked on it and shared it with everybody on the long bus ride home.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

Banchos?! Why didn't i see that?! :( loved the peanut goodies we bought in bohol bee farm... And their uber good organic food!

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