Sunday, July 15, 2012

Puttering Around Cooks' Exchange

I love getting lost inside Cooks' Exchange. I use the term "lost" figuartively because between the two branches I go to- Glorietta and Powerplant Mall- none is actually what one would consider a big space. Cooks' Exchange shops are rather small, really. But its shelves, every nook and cranny of the shop, is packed to the brim with hard to find baking supplies and other kitchen knickknacks that I lose track of time when I am in there.

Slique cake pan (Php220); Valrhona 70% dark chocolate (Php350);
Valrhona cocoa powder (Php378); and baking cups (Php195)
More often than not, I go to Cooks' Exchange to browse aimlessly, even if I do not really need anything. But I do not recall a time where I walk out of that store without buying anything. The last time I was in Power Plant Mall for instance, on the way to the parking lot five minutes before closing time I sneaked into Cooks' Exchange and ended up buying an 8 x 8 cake pan, red baking cups, a bar of Valrhona chocolate (70% cocoa), and Valrhona cocoa powder.

I don't really know when I will make cupcakes or even brownies. All I know is that if I did, I am ready. Thanks to Cooks' Exhange.

Cooks' Exchange Contact Nos.
  • The Power Plant Mall (lower ground floor): 898-0926
  • Glorietta IV (third level): 816-1633
  • SM Mega Mall (ground floor, building A): 634-4325


Aubrey said...

Hi! Just want to ask: the cupcake liners from Cook's Exchange -- do their colors stay bright even after baking in them? :)

Anonymous said...

hi! would you know if there is still cook's exchange in glorietta since they renovated already? thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Classic Fine Foods is the exclusive ditribtor of Valrhona Ma'am. Thanks!

Tin said...

The Valrhona cocoa powder worth 378php, the rate is for 1kg?

Linai said...

love the review! btw I got my slique cheaper on they are having sale right now.

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