Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nuts about See's Candies

Nuts and Chews Chocolate Assortment by See's Candies

I have always been leery of chocolate assortments. While I agree with Forrest Gump's mother about what she said of life being like a box of chocolates. Unlike Forrest, I do not necessarily think it's a positive thing. I happen to like knowing what I'm getting, and I find it quite unpleasant unexpectedly biting into one that I do not like. Cordials, for instance, I am not so fond of them. Fine when I am eating chocolate assortments alone, but what, pray tell, do I do when I am with company?

Sure, most chocolate assortments come with some sort of catalog inside the box telling you what is inside what chocolate. But I feel bad about what gets left. Ah, the chocolate assortment box. It's one tricky proposition.

See's Candies' Nuts and Chews however, is a different matter. "(P)acked with top-quality peanuts, California-grown English walnuts, almonds, chewy Caramel, honey Scotchmallow®, Rum Nougat and more - all coated with milk and dark chocolate,"* this is one chocolate assortment I could pick from with eyes closed and not once regret where my fingers landed. The nuts are insanely crunchy despite being enrobed in chocolate. The caramels are quite extraordinary. I love caramels and Sees' caramels are one of my favorites. And the honey Scotchmallow is positively divine. 

One of my aunts from the US sent us a whopping two-pound box of these fantastic chocolates a couple of days ago. (Unfortunately--or maybe fortunately, when I start thinking about my diet-- I only get to have See's Candies when we have friends or family visiting from the US. While there are several stores outside the US, there is currently none in the Philippines.) And since then, I could not wait to come home from work just so I could claim my daily ration. If only I did not have to share them with the rest of the family...

*Visit the See's Candies' website for more information on See's Nuts and Chews chocolate assortment, here: http://www.sees.com/prod.cfm/Chocolate_Assortments/Nuts_Chews
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