Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cinnabon's Pecanbon

Mini Pecanbon
Okay. This may not be the healthiest thing in the world but it sure is ridiculously yummy and, yes, worth breaking my diet for. The Pecanbon is one of my most favorite pastry and when I chanced upon a Cinnabon store while strolling through a mall a couple of days ago, I simply could not resist having one. In my defense, I got only the mini version of it.

My Pecanbon came to me in an unassuming paper plate complete with plastic cutlery, meant perhaps to shame me into consuming it with some semblance of finesse instead of devouring it using my bare fingers. I was after all in a public place. Ah but even with cutlery, I finished my little Pecanbon in just under a minute. And how could I not? It was nice and warm, sprinkled with a generous amount of chopped pecans and dripping in wonderful caramelly goo. I realized I should have gotten the full-sized Pecanbon when I caught myself scraping the otherwise empty plate for the sweet and sticky traces that remained.

Underneath it all is Cinnabon's original cinnamon roll, which I love to bits on its own. But when I am breaking a punishing diet, I figured I'd go for broke.

Cinnabon-SM Mall of Asia branch is located at the 2nd Floor, Food Court, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

Yummy but oh so sinful :) hahaha! i love their chocobon and the less sinful cinnabonstix ;)

thisisLOVELEE said...

I really love Cinnabon! Just the regular one and the pecanbon are my favorites! =)

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