Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Korean and Japanese Cuisines at Ginzadon

Gizadon's Canadian Maki
Ginzadon is a restaurant in Resortsworld that serves both Japanese and Korean specialties, two of my favorite cuisines. The moment I stepped foot into this restaurant, I was immediately impressed by the interiors and I remember thinking that if it were any indication of the quality of food served there, then I was in for a treat.

It was.

Canadian Maki
Inside out roll with crispy salmon skin

Steamed rice topped with beef and vegetables
(served with miso soup)
Chicken barbecue


Aside from the inviting ambiance, cozy furniture, and wonderful food, Ginzadon also provides superb service. I appreciate how attentive the servers were despite being almost unnoticeable while they go about their business. My teacup never ran empty and I barely noticed when it got refilled. Same goes for the neatly piled kimchi and its accompanying side dishes, all of which are quite delightful. All in all, it was really an enjoyable meal.

I want to go back for more.

Ginzadon is located in Resorts World Manila, 2/F Maxims Tower Hotel, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Contact Information
Landline: (02) 908-8887

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