Friday, April 6, 2012

Moussaka at Mano's Hellenic Tavern

I have been meaning to dine at Mano's Greek Tavern ever since I saw it set up shop along what I have always referred to as the Picnic Grove side of Tagaytay. Mano's boasted of serving only authentic Greek cuisine and that was enough of a selling point for me. Adding to the authentic allure of Mano's was the establishment itself. It was a quaint-looking squarish building with white washed walls and blue painted wooden chairs and tables. It reminded me a lot of the scenes from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which were shot in Greece.

View of Taal Lake from Mano's Hellenic Tavern
When I actually got around to trying out Mano's Greek cuisine though it was at what I refer to as the Tagaytay Vista Hotel side of Tagaytay and it was called Mano's Hellenic Tavern. I am not quite sure if they have moved or if the old place was temporarily closed for renovation. The driveway to Mano's Hellenic Tavern was quite steep and getting to the restaurant proper requires you to walk down an even steeper set of stairs. The rather perilous trek down the rocky stairs (particularly so if you are wearing wedge sandals methinks) is worth it though as it leads you to a dining area that gives you a stunning view of the Taal Lake.

Greek Bread
The menu of Mano's Hellenic Tavern is quite limited, compared to say, Cafe Mediterranean or even Cyma. But truth be told, I was really only looking forward to trying out their Moussaka, which is, thankfully, included the menu. In addition to Moussaka, we ordered Saganaki and Greek Bread. The dishes came in generous servings and it made for a satisfying lunch.

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