Monday, January 9, 2012

Broas by Betsy's Cake Center


The first time I saw this on the store shelf at Betsy's Cake Center, I just knew that I am going to fall in  love with it. It looks so pretty, so delicate with its light lemon yellow color and its feather light dusting of powdered sugar. It does not look like any of the broas I grew up with, nor, after having a bite of it, do they taste like any of them.

Most broas I've tasted has the texture of a biscuit, dry, light, airy, a bit crispy. There is one that isn't which was nice and soft, but I could not remember which bakeshop sells them, and if they even sell those still. Betsy's broas is even softer. It is like a cross between a chiffon cake and a biscuit. It is pillow soft and is actually two pieces of broas stuck together by a thin layer of yummy buttercream.

A box of these broas containing a dozen is a definite steal at Php240. However, I think you can only get them in Malabon.

Betsy's Cake Center
Address: 10 J.P. Rizal Street, Tanong, Malabon City
Telephone: (02)281-1131

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