Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugar Wonderland at Enderun

Louis XV
Decadent Valrhona melt'n'crisp chocolate bar 
Exclusive signature dish from the 3-Michelin-star restaurant Louis XV by Alain Ducasse in Monaco
"The world of pastry is a world of chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice creams, and confections. A pastry chef does more than just bake, he creates masterpieces because pastries and desserts must be more than just delicious, they must be artistic, creative, and pleasing to the eye. A dessert does not just end a meal, it is a person’s last memory of a meal, and so it must be something that inspires happy thoughts.

A pastry chef is an artist who combines vivid colors and textures, an architect who balances a swirl of crystallized sugar atop a shiny mirror of mango gelée, a scientist who grasps the chemical properties that turn flour, water, butter, and yeast into a flaky croissant, a long distance athlete who can withstand hours of meticulous, delicate work, and perhaps even a psychologist who understands just why we need to have buttery, chocolatey, sugary treats in our lives." 

--The Art of Pastry Press Release

I cannot think of a more apt post than one about loads and loads of sweets to celebrate Halloween...

Pastry Chef Franck Geuffroy
A couple of weeks ago, I was back in Enderun Colleges to attend a pastry demo entitled, L'Art de la Patisserie (The Art of Pastry). The live pastry demonstration was executed by top Pastry Chef Franck Geuffroy, who regaled the audience with his mesmerizing skills in creating spellbinding pastries.

After the demo, lunch was held at the famed Restaurant 101. What made this lunch even more special was the fact that Restaurant 101's executive chef is Iron Chef America victor, Chef Nicolas Cantrel. As expected, I really enjoyed that lunch. After all, how many opportunities does one get to sample a meal prepared by an Iron Chef?

For dessert, of course, is a wonderland of pastries prepared by Enderun's expert pastry chefs. From entremets to brownies, that dessert spread was definitely something one had to see to believe.

Citrus Entremet
Enderun Entremet
Citrus Marshmallow
Saint Honore
Intense Raspberry Chocolate Brownie
The exquisite Louis XV was pretty hard to beat as a crowd favorite, but the citrus marshmallow was a very close second. Unbelievably fluffy, the freshly made citrus marshmallow is unlike any marshmallow available in the market.

Eye candy courtesy of ADF + Enderun and  My Food Noteboook for all you trick or treaters. 


Enderun offers a Three-month Pastry Arts Certificate class which aims to provide the student "the sufficient foundation to start a career in pastry, baking and confectionery." A full time course is also being offered, the ADF+Enderun fifteen-month program, which "covers the basics of Culinary Arts in fifteen months, including the opportunity for an internship in France." 

Applications for both programs are currently open for November 2011 intake.

For more information, contact:

Lou Molina
External Relations Manager
Mobile: +63917 8038617

Mark Tan
External Relations Associate
Mobile: +63917 5933398

Enderun Colleges is located at:
1100 Campus Avenue,
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City 1634 Philippines
Telephone: +632 8565000
Fax: +632 8564656

Visit their website at:


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omg. sugar rush :)

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Try also the unlimited cakes and coffee at The Coffee Beanery a sister company of Cravings and Asian School of Hospitality Arts.

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