Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test: Main Dishes and Savory Snacks

I may not have tried the samples of all 55 food vendors at Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test (I am not quite sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing) but I did discover some really good food among the ones I did . Here are the ones that populated my main dish/savory snacks shortlist:

Tina's Pie Outlet
Tarts: Shiitake with Swiss Gruyere, Prawns in Aligue, Chicken with Chorizo

One of my top favorites at the event is the Shiitake with Swiss Gruyere tart by Tina's Pie Outlet. The shell of the tart was delicious on its own, filled with Shiitake mushrooms and Swiss Gruyere cheese it's just heavenly. Other tarts available for tasting were the Prawns in Aligue and Chicken with Chorizo.

Among the non-tart/pie on offer at the event was Tina's Callos.

Almost Gourmet
Parmesan Chicken Sticks
The Flying Chef
Ham and Cheese Empanada
Eat My GF
Original Garlic Fries with Toppings
Farm n' Deli
Barang's Tinapa
Heart, Meat & Soul Foods
Hearty Meaty Spaghetti
Gourmet Keso
Chevre (goat cheese), Chevre with Cashews & Truffled Salt, Chevre with
Garlic & Herbs, Kesong Puti Hiyayako
Gourmet Keso is a purveyor of locally made goat cheese. I always get excited about discovering Filipino entrepreneurs like those behind Gourmet Keso who come up with these amazing locally produced gourmet food froducts. My favorite among Gourmet Keso's offerings was the Chevre with Garlic & Herbs. On soda crackers, they can be pretty addictive snacks.

HKR Food Express
Asado and Roast Chicken
De Original Jamaican Patties
Beef Original and Beef Pinatubo
I love Jamaican beef patties. Especially the spicy kind. De Original Jamaican Patties' Beef Pinatubo tops my list of these wickedly hot patties.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Alique Mayo, Cream Cheese, or Wasabi Sauce

and Phillychanga
Another of my top favorites at the event was Chef Luigi's Phillychanga. It wasn't really a hardsell, chimichanga being my favorite Mexican dish. The Phillychanga was cooked on site so it was still warm when I bit into it. I really liked the distinctive Philly cheesesteak flavor and the light crunch of the deep-fat fried shell. Ah. Eat now. Diet later.

Sushi Mo
California Maki Roll and Tuna & Mayo Maki Roll
Chef C's
Paella de Andaluz

For a complete list of the Food Vendors that participated in the event, please visit Our Awesome Planet's Guide to Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test.

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Tina - Tina's Pie Outlet said...

Thank you very much :) Hope to see you at Mercato Centrale and Soderno!

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