Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test: Desserts and Drinks

Theo & Philo Chocolate
artisan chocolate bars
A while back I had said that I love discovering local gourmet food producers. I was beside myself in delight when I learned of Theo & Philo Chocolate, local producers of artisan chocolates. Imagine calamansi or ginger with chocolate. Pretty wild flavors to find in your chocolate bar, I know, but they do work, surprisingly well in fact.

Carmen's Best
Salted Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream
Carmen's Best ice cream, specially made with Holly's Milk, is one of my favorite desserts in the event. The ice cream is creamy and the flavors of coffee and caramel stand out nicely. I also took a swig of Holly's chocolate milk, also quite delicious.

The Fruit Garden
Fruit Cocktail, Lychee Berry Rose, Winter Season
The Winter Season jam by The Fruit Garden is another winner for me. This jam has a unique and delicate flavor to it. Just a little taste gave me images of having a relaxing breakfast on a chilly but otherwise beautiful Sunday morning, complete with freshly baked lightly toasted bread and a hot cup of tea.

Hansie's Desserts
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
These are nice chewy cookies with a good cookie-to-chocolate ratio.

Marla's Original Muncheez
True to its name, these crispy sweet cornflake snacks are a delight to munch on.

French Macarons

Arizona Iced Tea by Bugle Boy Distributors Corp. and Torta Cebuana from Elle's Torta

Kashi Maki by My Pink Wasabi and Banana loaf with walnuts and chocolate chips by Yumy Aco

Pink Candies Kucina
Food for the Gods
Party Fuel
Mojito Mocktail

Well, that's the last of 'em. Again, thanks, Anton and the rest of the folks who made Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test a roaring success. And cheers to the uber talented hosts, Spanky and Marian. Until next time!

For a complete list of the Food Vendors that participated in the event, please visit Our Awesome Planet's Guide to Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test.

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