Monday, August 22, 2011

Chef's Table: Second and Third Courses, Salads and Soups

Chef's Salad
Mixed greens combined with seasonal fruits and vegetables and sliced boiled eggs
tossed in roasted garlic calamansi vinaigrette, topped with Egmont cheese

The second and third courses are refreshing parades of colorful salads...

Davao Salad
Mixed greens tossed in durian vinaigrette
topped with pan seared tuna, Davao fruits and vegetables

Inasal na Chicken Caesar Salad
Torched romaine lettuce in a localized Caesar dressing
topped with grilled chicken and queso de bola

Fresh local sea grapes with cucumbers, tomatoes and shallots,
tossed in house vinaigrette

...and unique and equally eye-catching soups.

Reversed Sotanghon Soup
Fried sotanghon noodles in a savory classic French onion soup
topped with crispy liempo bites
The Reversed Sotanghon Soup is a show stopper. The nest of sotanghon noodles is served crispy fried and piled high in a bowl, but once doused with the French onion soup (served in a separate pouring container), the noodles wilt into their more recognizable sotanghon form. Think crispy pancit canton/chow mein.

Cool Watermelon Soup
A refreshing combination of watermelon and calamansi
enhanced with quesong puti, pickled shallots and roasted shallot oil

Chilled Carrot and Ginger Soup
A combination of fresh raw diced tanigue, apples and
cucumbers tossed in citrus fruit juice
in a pool of an invigorating carrot and ginger puree

Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup
Fresh halaan steamed in lambanog combined with a rich roasted tomato puree
Bet you never had halaan cooked this way. Growing up with my mother's halaan in ginger soup, I sure haven't. This soup bursts with heady flavors which are as bold as its color. I remember the hint of the lambanog, the briny sweetness of the halaan, and the piquant flavor of the tomato puree from this particular soup lingering on my tongue until the next course, despite all the other soups and salads it came to the table with. Halaan steamed in lambanog with tomato puree, this is definitely not yo momma's halaan soup.

Any of the salads and soups, not to mention the appetizers to some extent, at the Chef's Table could be a meal on its own, especially for the light eaters. They come in generous portions so finishing a serving could fill you up real quick. So if you plan to have several courses at the Chef's Table, I suggest you bring company.

Kind of makes you wonder what the main course would be like, huh?

Chef's Table is located at Infinity Tower, 10th Avenue corner 25th Street, The Fort. Visit its website at

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