Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chef's Table: First Course, Appetizers

Ensaladang Tuna at Salmon
A combination of fresh tuna and salmon enhanced with local aromatics
topped with kamote chips

Friday last week, I was invited for lunch at the Chef's Table. Chef's Table is ground zero of Chef Bruce Lim's commendable effort at serving Filipino Fine Dining to the general public. Armed with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Bruce along with his team of chefs at the Chef's Table, aims to serve diners Filipino food "prepared using global culinary standards".

It was a very long lunch, with a spread that is not only an abundant feast for the tummy but also a tantalizing feast for the eyes. Naturally, there is a lot of beautiful food to share, and one post doesn't seem to do it justice.

So, let's do this in a series, starting with the appetizers, and some libation.

Cebuana Chili Chicken Wings
Lightly battered deep fried chicken wings
smothered with Cebu-inspired sweet chili sauce
Cold Pansit
Cold sotanghon in sweet sesame soy sauce topped with cucumbers,
apples, red radish, julienne and  fresh grapes, served with beef tapa
Crab Cakes
Freshly picked crab meat, seared and baked to perfection
served with sampaloc aioli
Calamansi Juice
Green Mango Shake
Chef's Table Iced Tea

Chef's Table is located at Infinity Tower, 10th Avenue corner 25th Street, The Fort. Visit its website at

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