Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fruity Cheesecake by Dana Bella's Oven

Cheesecake by Dana Bella's Oven

Hello, gorgeous...

My friend, Dexter, brought us in the heart of Pilar Village, Las Pinas to Dana Bella's Oven Sunday night. He promised a superb cheesecake and, boy, did he deliver. The cheesecake from Dana Bella's Oven, decked with slices of luscious ripe mango and kiwi, grapes, and a chunk of dragon fruit, is beautiful as it is delicious.

The cheesecake itself, a New York cheesecake, is the kind of cheesecake I am gunning for (you know- in my, ahem, quest for the perfect home-baked cheesecake)- light with just the right amount of richness, and delivers a perfect balance of sweetness and tang. The top skin of the cheesecake is caramel-colored and its body a nice creamy white hue. The bottom is classic graham cracker crust.

The cornucopia of fruits is a different story altogether. At first I thought they were just there for garnish, but once we started munching on them, I realized that they went surprisingly well with the cheesecake. The fruity addition added a certain dose of freshness to the dessert. It's a welcome change to the preserved or otherwise gelatinous state that fruits are usually in when they are found atop a cheesecake.

Dana Bella's Oven's other menu offerings include sandwiches, calzones, pastas, and roast chicken.

Chicken Parmesan Calzone
Pomodoro Parmegiana
1/4 Chicken Platter
Served with Pepperoni Roll,
Choice of Sides, and Coleslaw
Salsa Rosa

Try out all these specialties from Dana Bella's Oven at Unit 11 Teresa Park Avenue, Pilar. (Manila), 1740 Las PiƱas, Philippines.

Contact Dana Bella's Oven via email at;; or by phone at (02)3451803.

Visit their website at; and Facebook page at

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