Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Window Shopping at MAFBEX 2011

Baking Supplies and Equipment by Sinmag

I was at the Manila Food and Beverage Exposition last Friday with my friend, Leen. Spied a couple of really nice ovens and tasted quite a bit of food samples, but unlike before, I practiced restraint in purchasing. I came home with only a pack of my favorite Mongo Lite hopia from the Eng Bee Tin booth and a pack of 14" disposable piping bags from the Sinmag booth.

What I did not practice restraint on was snatching up every brochure and flyer I can get my hands on and snapping some photos to remember the event. As always, it is a well attended event and I can imagine why. The MAFBEX brings together food and beverage suppliers you would otherwise have a hard time locating all under one roof. I felt like a little girl let loose in a candy shop.

Mr. Ube by Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli
Commercial Kitchen Equipment by Lowtemp Corporation
Fresh Mushrooms from Primefresh Harvest Inc.
Smokeless Charcoal Stoves by JY Fire Bricks

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