Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pampanga: Always a Food Trip (Day 2- Sun Down)

Prime Rib Roast
Maranao Grill's Prime Rib Dinner Special. A serving of eye-openingly thick cut of prime grade beef. My desired done-ness. Impossibly tender. Just the way I like my roast beef. Oh, and really nice gravy- not too much, just enough to amp up the flavor but without masking the taste of the roast. (I may or may not be writing in complete sensible sentences right now, but I am sure you get it.)

Marble Potatoes

Accompanying my beautiful slice of prime rib roast beef is a buffet of sidings- potatoes, both marble and mashed, mixed steamed vegetables, and spinach.


Rounding out the dinner are the staples- a breadbasket (yay!), soup, a salad bar, and a selection of desserts (cupcakes, baklava, brownies, and fresh fruits).

Executive Chef Francis of Maranao Grill

All in all, that Saturday night dinner was like the explosive finale to an already exciting action-adventure movie. Except that the action-adventure movie was my food-filled vacation. The action hero, instead of retractable adamantium claws, wielded a very sharp stainless steel knife and a meat fork. And the explosive finale was a prime rib dinner. Ta da!

Saturday Prime Rib Dinner Special 
(Saturdays, 6-10PM)
at the Maranao Grill located at
Oasis Hotel

Address: Clarkville Compound, 
Clark Perimeter Road,
Balibago, Angeles City

Tel. No.: +63458933301 to 03; +63456258301 to 03

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