Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pampanga: Always a Food Trip (Day 1)

Shrimp Tempura

This weekend, I ate so much it is ridiculous.

Buffet Policy
I don't know why my favorite Cabalen, Rollyn, likes doing this to me. Every time we came over to visit her in her hometown, it's always marked by food binges killing whatever resolve I have left to keep to a respectable diet plan. I cannot  complain though. Pampanga being world-famous for their delicious cuisine and concomitant love for all things food, I can't really say I am without fault in eating a lot when there.

Knowing this, I should have said no and ran the other way as fast as I could when Rollyn invited us again to visit her and stay for the weekend. But you wouldn't believe how that girl can be very convincing when she put her heart into it. To make it worse, I was tag-teamed by Rollyn and her fellow Cabalen and my tukayo, Tin, so it wasn't really a fair fight. In short, I said yes to another food fest in Pampanga.

Roast Beef
Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast beef, roast lamb, sushi, tempura... How can I resist, really. Still, good food and the promise that you can have as much of it as you want is a deadly combination and not for the faint of heart. Good thing my heart is still pretty strong. And- oh, I know I will regret saying this but-- we only live once, right?

Assorted Sushi and Maki Rolls
Sashimi sliced fresh as you order

Friday's destination was the Maranao Grill at Oasis Hotel, located along the Clark Perimeter Road (Don Juico Avenue). Not my first time, having had dinner there a couple of visits back, but it was the first time I got to try the Friday RST Buffet Special. RST stands for Roast Beef and Lamb, Sushi and Sashimi, and Tempura and, for only Php850+ per head, you get to have as much of it as your belly can hold.

Mushroom Kebabs
Fried Dumplings

Inclusive of the buffet are the usual accompaniments-- appetizers (mushroom kebabs, fried dumplings, gyoza, etc.), side dishes (mashed potatoes, mixed steamed vegetables, kimchi rice, etc), desserts, and a salad bar. There's also a breadbasket served right at your table the minute you hunker down for the meal. (I like breadbaskets. Can't explain why, but I do!)

Pecan Pie
Gateau Gloria

Unlike most buffets, dessert at this buffet was definitely not an afterthought. There was blueberry cheesecake, canonigo, Gateau Gloria, assorted fresh fruits, and many other sweets that would satisfy a sweet tooth like me after a hearty dinner. My favorite was the Pecan Pie. (My heart still flutters when I think about it.)

And that was just Friday...

Maranao Grill
RST Buffet Special (Fridays, 6-10PM)
at the Maranao Grill located at
Oasis Hotel

Address: Clarkville Compound, Clark Perimeter Road,
Balibago, Angeles City

Tel. No.: +63458933301 to 03; +63456258301 to 03

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glad you had a great time, Tin. next stop: Island Grill :)

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