Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of Vacations and Leen's Cupcakes

It's her party. We spent a weekend at Anahaw Island View Resort in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro a month ago for my friend Leen's birthday. Though the actual birthday party was on a Saturday, we stayed there from Friday to Sunday. In short, we made a full-blown vacation out of the trip. We had a nice quiet afternoon stroll on the beach the day we got there, right around sunset such that the summer weather was not so punishing. The next day was not as mellow though. We boarded a vehicle and drove through rough roads to right around the foot of Mount Halcon to get to Lantuyan river where I spent more time roughing it out climbing rocks and whatnot rather than frolic in the river (I crossed the hanging bridge, honest!). The day's adventure left us positively famished for dinner. Fortunately, dinner after the river was a veritable feast. And this was what we had for dessert:

Chocolate Marble Cupcakes
Leen, a pastry chef, created this chic cupcake tower for her party.
Her company, Cakes by Leen, makes not just awesome cupcakes but cakes for all occasions as well.

(This is my 100th Sweets and Desserts tagged post. Yay!)

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